Hi There!

I'm Miranda, the Owner and Creative Director of MK Interiors. I have been obsessed with residential interiors for many years, dreaming over creating my own design studio. Getting here wasn't that easy...

I come from a very creative family. My great grandma was an artist, my grandma was a painter, and my mom is a graphic designer. As a young girl, I was always drawing sketches of outfit ideas in my sketch pad! I originally went to Oregon State University in hopes to pursue an Apparel Design degree. I had dreams of becoming a Lingerie designer but ended up moving back home in the first year due to out of state tuition on the rise.

After coming back home, I attended a local community college and worked full time. I was lost in the idea of what I wanted to mold my life into. Shortly after being back home for a few months, I discovered "Fixer Upper" on HGTV in 2016. Watching that series opened up my eyes to the idea that Interior Design can be a career. Looking back, Interior Design has been something that I have ALWAYS been drawn to. I remember rearranging my room and updating the items on my bookshelves! 


I love playing with a variety of styles and aesthetics, and would describe my personal style as eclectic and organic. I started this business in 2020 after years in the industry dreaming of becoming an independent designer working one on one with clients.


I take pride in getting to know my clients on an interpersonal level and curating beautiful spaces that are tailored to your taste and lifestyle. When I'm not speccing for the next best piece in your home you can find me cozied up at home with my two sweet cats and always on the hunt for the best bottle of wine.


Get to know Marisa... Coming Soon!

Miranda, Owner & Creative Director
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Marisa, Operations Manager